Appraisal  of Academic Books

Some books relating to the teaching of various  college level courses   have been replaced by other media . Instead of keeping these books and journals around the home or office where they just take up space and gather dust, they could be donated to a charitable organization The organization would then provide a receipt which when attached to a written appraisal can result in an income tax credit for the donating physician. This is clearly a "win-win" situation. If you are a college professor  who is retiring you may wish to sell or donate some or all of your academic books and professional journals. Please contact me.  I can help.     520-627-6610

    The average appraised value of scholarly academic books and journals is $24-$30 per boo     Because of recurrent issues with my email server

  if you don't hear back from me within 24 hours please send your message to my

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    or call me at 520-627-6610  Leave a message and I will almost always get back to

you within a few hours.   I will welcome your call.