If you are interested in a professional, accurate book appraisal,of your collection,  or have simply asked yourself, "what is the value of this book I found in the attic, then you have arrived at the appropriate site. I routinely perform appraisals nationwide (and sometimes worldwide) without having to travel to the site.  I work with lists and digital (or conventional) images. My appraisals are backed by 34  years experience and research. My name is James Beattie, and it is I who will actually do the appraisals.

                                     SUMMARY OF SERVICES

1 - Formal written book appraisals of collections for insurance, probate, or tax purposes.

2 - Informal appraisals of 1-25 books by email. Informal appraisals are not free. In most cases there is at least a $5 per book charge. For more information look at the "informal appraisals by email" tab. Please do not call about informal appraisals.  Send us an email. Please do not send photographic images until first contacting us with information about your book or books, viz., Author, Title, and date of publication.  At that point we will advise if the books have any value, let you know what the fee will be, and request images.


    Not all books or collections of books are worth spending money on for an appraisal. If you're in doubt, simply email me and, in most cases, I can advise you. You  may also
call me at 520-203-3019,.  If you are inquiring about only one or two (or a few) books please email information about the book(s) to

Please only phone if you have a collection and want information about a formal written appraisal. If you have only one book or a small number of books please send your questions via email. Do NOT call unless you have a library or large collection of books.


                   What is involved in a book appraisal

In a book appraisal, a value is placed on each book or group of books, depending upon an estimate of their worth based on current market conditions and other factors. Books with a fair market value of $100 or more are listed individually on the appraisal. Books of lesser value are price in groups of 10-20 titles. 

If you don't feel inclined to read everything on this site please feel free to call me at 520-203-3019,  Please call only about collections of books and formal appraisals.   Send email to


In some cases auction companies, in an effort to have collectors consign merchandise to them, will over-value the items. Be very cautious in having an auction company or bookseller value your books.  It's always best to have someone appraise your books who is experienced and who also has no conflict of interest regarding your collection.  I do not purchase or attempt to purchase any books that I appraise. Always retain an appraiser who follows this practice.

   It's also important to note that the average bookseller is not necessarily qualified to provide you with a formal appraisal of your collection.  In more than a few instances I've had clients tell me that an experienced bookseller in their area has told them their collection was "not worth appraising" when in fact the total value was in excess of $40,000.00. 

    The average used book store is not usually qualified to perform formal appraisals for tax or insurance purposes.  The IRS and Insurance companies have specific requirements for appraisers.