Do you have a few books or a single book that you would like to know
the value of.

     This page is for anyone who has one or two (or less than twenty five) books which they do not need a formal written appraisal for, but who only wish to know the current fair market value.  These informal appraisals are not free.

                                                This is what you need to do.

    Send an email to with the list of books you have. Initially I need to know the author, title, and date of publication. (If there is no date in the book please provide the name of the publisher).  If I know that the books have relatively little value without having to do any research on them I will let you know by return email and there is no fee, but in most cases a fee will apply. Please do not contact me unless you are prepared to pay at least a $5-$20 fee per book.  

   If I do not know the value of your book(s) and must spend some time checking my reference materials in order to establish a value there will be a fee, and I will notify you of what the fee will be. In about 75% of the time the fee is $10.00  per book.  This fee can be paid either by internet Paypal service or venmo or facebook messenger   There is no obligation to pay the fee or to have the work performed.

   I will also need to have an image of the book(s). You can send a digital image as an email attachment or send conventional images through the mail. Without an image of the book it's very difficult to provide an accurate value.

                                            Email to

  There are some categories of books which will probably incur a fee greater than $5.00.

The fee is $10.00-$50  or more for  the following categories:

Books signed or inscribed by the author.
Literary first editions.
Association copies
Limited sets or editions.
Sets of more than 2 volumes
Books in languages other than English
Books published prior to 1875
Old books with no date imprinted on them.
Books with engravings, etchings, aquatints, or hand-colored plates.
Books which are one of a kind and completely unique
Books for which I have tocheck auction records  

The fee includes: (1) Book auction estimate. (2)Fair market or retail value. (3)
replacement or value for insurance coverage.  (Book auction estimate applies
only if auction value is estimated to be above $100). In most cases I can offer you a suggestion or two regarding how to sell your books.  There is usually no additional charge for this. 
  The fee is for an informal appraisal with the results sent by email.  If you wish
a signed  and written appraisal (usually 4 pages)  mailed to you the fee will be higher. The informal appraisal is just as reliable as the formal one, but only a signed formal printed appraisal is acceptable for insurance, probate, or tax related purposes.

   Please do not make any payment until you are advised of the fee.  Wait for an invoice to be sent. If you decide you don't want to pay for the appraisal it's ok. Just ignore the invoice.  I will advise you first if there is a fee and if you want an invoice to be sent to you.

    Remember, I have been a full time book dealer for 34 years. Unlike others who do internet book appraisals, I have the experience to provide an accurate and realistic appraisal of your books.  There is a page on this site where references are provided.

The above image is of sufficient quality and detail for me to determine the condition of someone's books. Note that the two volume History of English Law is in "fine" condition and is of greater value than the same set of books in somewhat worn condition. The condition of a book is an important factor in determining the value.  Only someone with experience in the book business is qualified to judge condition accurately and evaluate a book according to its condition.

                                                    Email to: