Do you own law books and journals which you no longer need?

Many law firms have switched to CD rom or on-line sites such as Westlaw. For book appraisal purposes, your journals are still worth from $20 - $100 or more per volume (or more). Why not donate them and take a tax credit? If you contact us, we can give you an estimate of the cost to have your law books appraised, and provide you with a rough estimate of the fair market value of your collection. You can then, with the help of your CPA, determine if it is cost effective for you to spend money on an appraisal. Contact me at 520-203-3019,  or email to  for help or additional information. There is no fee to consult with me by phone or email.
                                                   Selling your law practice?

If you are planning to sell your law practice, what figure are you allowing the buyer for you old law books? Although many books are now available on CD rom, lawyers still like to have the actual books and journals on the shelves of their office as part of their professional decor.


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