Book appraisals in brief

 My intention here is to provide in as few words as possible what a book appraisal entails and what I need from you, the client.  For more detail, click on any of the page links to the left. 

 If you prefer to call and speak to me in person the number is 520-203-3019. (Please call ONLY if you have a sizeable collection of books and/or are seeking a formal written appraisal. 

Simply defined, an appraisal is an opinion of value  of a specific piece of  real property, as of a specific point in time.

I am a book appraiser. I have 34years of experience in the book business. My opinion of value is based upon my experience and research based on book auction records and upon what experienced and specialized booksellers are asking for their books in comparable condition.

A client sends me a list of books and images. I examine this material, perform the necessary research to establish a supportable opinion of value, write up and sign the appraisal.  Once the appraisal is paid for I complete the work and mail the signed appraisal (and appropriate tax forms if applicable) to the client.

I need the following from the client:

                             List of books:  Author, title, place & date of publication.
                             Digital or conventional images of the books.
                             Payment for the appraisal.
                             (Partial payment needed to get started)

Not sure if you need an appraisal of your books.

                              Send me a list of the books by email or postal mail.
                              I will look over the list and provide you with a rough
                              estimate of value along with what my fee will be to
                             perform the appraisal for you.

Need more information?   Take a look at some of the other pages on this site or contact  me directly at 520-203-3019   Or send email to: